What to check when looking for a used excavator engine

Needless to say, the engine is the beating heart of your excavator, so when buying a used or reconditioned engine you need to be very careful in evaluating what you are offered.

As we have said before, there is a substantial difference between buying a reconditioned engine and a seen-it-all engine.

In the latter case, you buy the engine as is and you have to be sure that you can do the reconditioning yourself or by getting help from a trusted repair shop.

Obviously you will save money (but not necessarily) compared to buying an overhauled engine, but beware of parts availability!

For certain outdated excavators, some parts are actually unobtainable, and you would risk finding a nice piece of almost rebuilt iron in which a part is missing that is impossible to find!!!

Then check if the engine is really complete, even in its accessory parts, especially to be able to compare the various prices that will be offered to you (one thing is a used engine complete with all its components, another thing is having to then buy the missing parts separately).

If the engine has not yet been disassembled, it will also be useful to check the excavator's hour meter, check (when there is still oil in it) for leaks present and their extent.

Remember, however, that the hour meter is not always a sure thing to verify how much the engine has worked and that, above all, it is how it has been used that makes the difference!


Reconditioned engines for excavators

Another matter for reconditioned engines for excavators or mini-excavators.

In this case it is most important to check every major element in detail, and in particular:

  1. have the cylinder head and cylinders disassembled to check that proper rechroming has been done
  2. 2. check the condition of all seals, the various belts and all major components
  3. check with the seller carefully that all accessory parts are present and have been reconditioned
  4. carefully check the condition of all electrical wiring
  5. ask the seller if he provides a warranty and, if so, for how many hours of work or for what period of time.

Very important factor: relying on a professional seller (with a trained workshop and professional, knowledgeable staff) is a really key factor when buying a reconditioned engine that always has a significant price to shell out!

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