Welcome to the RAMI Spare site! On this page you will find replacement hoses and fittings for earthmoving equipment.

Hoses are used to transport hydraulic oil to the various systems of the construction machine. They are divided into high-pressure and low-pressure hoses, depending on the pressure required by the use.

Each pipe is jointed to the others by various types of fittings (Jic, Orfs, Gas metric and many others) of different sizes.

Being under considerable stress, these components are often subject to wear and tear. They should be replaced immediately when dents or holes are noticed, or in case of fluid leaks.

The variety of pipe fittings is truly endless: there are thousands of variations, each of them suitable for specific models of MMT. If you need to change the hose fittings on your machine, first check with the manufacturer which ones you should use!

At our warehouses you will find high-quality new, used and reconditioned hoses and fittings selected by our experienced mechanics. We are Gates dealer, one of the market leader brands.


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